Thursday, June 8, 2017

Review of KDP

KDP is a program from amazon which is offering services for posting books. Writers are able to post books in KDP program by filling an online form. KDP has a royalty system through which writers are paid on successful sales. Make sure to write good books as readers can claim a refund in case they are not happy with the purchase of your book. You can use different features of KDP in order to promote your book. 

If your book is good and getting sales then ranking will be improved. Those books which are on top of ranking on any category in KDP are able to get a lot of attraction and traffic and sales. I have posted some books on KDP which are available here

Review of Smashwords

Smashwords is a large site which is providing services for writers and readers. If you are a reader then you can find many types of books on Smashwords. If you are a writer then you can post your books on Smashwords in order to sell them. Registration is free in Smashwords and you are charged a fee when you make sales for your books. You can post many books on Smashwords and charge desired prices to make sales. 

There are many categories in which books are shown on Smashwords and those books which are making a lot of sales, are shown on top of lists, which highlights them to get more sales. I have posted some books on Smashwords which are available here

Review of Payhip

Payhip is a site which is providing services for selling books. You can get free registration in Payhip at any time and post your books for sales. There are some fields which are to be filled in order to get registration. For every book you are given a form and you will fill it and then your book will be published on internet. In this manner you will get a landing page which you can promote and share with others in order to make sales of your books and get paid instantly. 

Registration is free and you are charged with a fee on every sale of your book. If you have books for sale then you can publish them on Payhip at any time and promote them to make sales. I have posted some books on Payhip which are available here

Monday, June 5, 2017


How to get unlimited points in addmefast

Addmefast is a social exchange site which is helpful in order to increase exposure on social sites. Many types of social sites are supported on addmefast. If you are not registered on this site then get free registration here

You are required to like posts of facebook or do many other things on the site in order to get points. You can continue to engage in this activity and get unlimited points with ease and fun. If you like facebook posts and got message that there are no more posts then simply refresh the page and you will get more posts to like and continue to increase points. You can have unlimited points in this manner and then use them for getting more engagement and marketing for your posts on social sites for free. Simple steps are given on the site, which are helpful for getting success.