Monday, May 30, 2016

Mentalism: The Ultimate Guide To Master Mind Manipulation

Master Mind Manipulation Today!

This book has valuable information about Mentalism and how Mentalists do it. In this book, you will learn: 

- The history of Mentalism: Readers will learn who the earliest Mentalists were and how Mentalism evolved from being a spiritual act to a professional one 

- How Mentalism is different from magic: Readers will know the difference between Mentalist and Magic acts. 

-Mind Reading: Readers will be able to define what mind reading is, what concepts are behind it, and how Mentalists do it 

-Readers will learn about the subconscious and conscious parts of the self and how the mind works to defend the individual from mental exploitation by its own desires 

-Hypnotism: Readers will determine the popular misconceptions about the hypnotist and the hypnotized subject, what really happens when a person is under hypnosis, and how it should be done 

-Mind Manipulation: Readers will learn how mind manipulation is different from mind control. It also includes discussions on the basic influencing principles, and how Mentalists incorporate mind manipulation in their acts 

There is also a chapter about the basic techniques that aspiring Mentalists should master before performing the act. This book includes concrete step-by-step guides in proper mind reading, hypnotism, and mind manipulation. This guide is a perfect tool for those who would like to become real Mentalists. Whether it is for fun, or for professional practice, reading Mentalism: How to Manipulate the Mind is the essential first step that any aspiring Mentalist should do.