Sunday, May 15, 2016

Review of 3 Idiots

3 idiots is a comedy movie in which the main character is named Rancho. This was a nick name and he was a bright student. He had two friends. One was afraid of many things and the other was fond of photography but he was forced to enter in engineering and become an engineer on call of his father. Rancho was fond of machines and he was willing to become an engineer. He was son of a poor man but he was under the studies as another student.

A rich man helped Rancho to take admission in college as he was bright and intelligent. His own son was not so intelligent therefore Rancho was using his name in order to get degree for the son of the rich man. Rancho got a room in the hostel of the college with those two boys who became his friends. Principal of the college was strict man and he was also very proud as he was running the college from many years with great success.

He was aware about the intelligence of Rancho and he was also aware that he was son of a rich man. His two friends were not very good at studies therefore the principal advised them to change the room and live with other students. Raju was from a poor family and also very afraid from the warnings of principal. Farhan was from moderate family and he was fond of photography and also looking for ways to change his profession.

But he was afraid from his father. Daughter of the principal was a student of medical college. She fell in love with Rancho when she met him. She liked his intelligence and courage to deal with different types of situations. Her father wanted to get her engaged and married with another man who was rich and successful in life. There was another intelligent student in college who was not able to complete the assignments on time due to which his promotion was stopped.

He committed suicide as he was shocked due to strict decision of the principal. Chatur was another student in the college who was able to learn things without understanding them. Chatur was also trapped in problems while he was delivering a speech in the college. That speech was in Hindi and Chatur was not able to understand and he learnt the speech. Rancho changed some words which changed the meanings due to which Chatur faced with embarrassment.

This lead to enmity among Chatur and Rancho and a date after a gap of ten years was set to meet and see who is more successful. At that date they met and found Rancho are more successful due to his intelligence and brevity. Rancho disappeared after taking the degree and became a scientist and opened his school for teaching others. He became a successful person in life and in the end his friends and lover found him and they started to live together.