Sunday, May 15, 2016

Review of ages of empires

Ages of empires is a strategy and action game in which a player is required to make his empire and fight with forces of enemies. This game is giving many options for making an empire which can be working independently. There are many campaigns in this game in which the player is taken to the history to complete certain tasks. Heroes of past are used for completion of campaigns and the story is told with progress.

There are many nations in Ages of empires which are offering different types of stories related with history. A player is able to complete the campaigns and get more details about the story for a particular nation. This game can be played against computer in which the player is able to select his nation and select a map and other settings in order to start the game.

Some time is needed in order to make a strong boundary in which workers are available and earning things so that army can be made. When a player is strong enough then he is able to attack on the other player. This game can be played against other human players. All the players are able to make their nations and areas and then attack on each other in order to gain success. The last standing player is declared as winner.

This game can be played online against many players and compete with them to get success. If a player starts in this game from the beginning then he will be in a backward time. Different ages are available for players and they have to gain some items and experiences for progressing to the next age. With advancing of ages the things and items are also developed. There are researches which are to be made in order to update the items.

Upgrades for items and armies are required to have more strength. Map could be made hidden in this game so that the players can have more suspense and thrills. Players have to explore the map so that they can find other players and then attack on them. More players can also become allies with others so that they can fight together with other players. Trade options are also available among allies so that they can make money for using in purchase of different things.

This game is offering different types of things to be made on the land and also in the sea. Players are able to see items used in wars in ancient times and also in modern times. Ages of empires is a good game and can be played at any time for fun.