Monday, May 16, 2016

Review of Grand theft auto

Grand theft auto or GTA is an action game in which the player is required to complete certain tasks. There are many versions of this game with different missions and different graphics. Main theme of the game is same in all parts. Mainly the player in Grand theft auto is required to find the places and receive phone calls to start the missions. Different groups are giving missions to the player through calls.

Mostly the missions are related to have some loss or destruction for other groups. These groups are working against each other in the game of Grand theft auto and they use the player to work for them in exchange of money. If the player completes one mission then one group is happy and others are angry.

Many levels are available in Grand theft auto which are passed when all missions are completed or certain scores are completed. Many ways are available for completion of levels. Players are able to enjoy this game and use different types of weapons and ride different types of vehicles. This game is filled with fun and thrills and it is liked by many players all over the world.