Monday, May 16, 2016

Review of Home alone 3

Home alone 3 is a comedy movie in which the main character is a kid. This kid is the hero of the movie. Kid is sick in the story and he has to stay at home to take rest so that he could recover from his sickness. He has an elder brother and an elder sister. They went to school as routine. His father went to the office and his mother also went to office. He was alone at home when thieves entered his home.

These thieves belonged to a gang who was in search of a computer chip. That chip was stolen by these thieves and placed inside a toy to remain safe at the airport. That toy was in a bag which was exchanged with another passenger. That passenger was an old lady and she lived in neighborhood of the kid who was sick and staying at home. Thieves were in search of that toy and followed the old lady but they were not sure about her house.

The tried to trace the old lady and reached at the colony where she lived. There were some homes in that area therefore it was easy for thieves to trace the lady. They checked the houses one by one and found the car but the chip was not in it. Kid already took the chip and informed the police. Police was not able to arrest the thieves therefore the kid made his plan to capture the thieves.

The kid had a mouse as his friend. Kid set traps in his house and captured the thieves. That chip was belonging to army and kid also informed them with assistance of police. Army arrived and took the chip from kid and also arrested the thieves. Kid was rewarded with money for his assistance in capturing of wanted criminals.