Sunday, May 15, 2016

Review of Kick movie

Kick movie is filled with action and comedy in which the main character is looking for some excitement and he names it as Kick. He is not willing to commit to one thing and continues to change his occupations and styles with time but cannot find his Kick. At last he finds his Kick in treatment of patients and when they got treatment and smile then he got satisfaction. It was a costly process as the treatment of sick kids was expensive and he has to gather a lot of money.

At first he tried to ask for help from rich people but they refused to help him. Then he decided to stole their money and pay in donations. He stole a lot of money from rich people and invested in treatment of many sick kids. He fell in love with a lady who was a doctor of psychology. She liked him because he was good natured and supporting. She and her father met him at their home. Her father was a government servant at a high post.

During the interview he and her father had an argument about the immature behavior of the main character. Name of main character was Devi Lal Singh. Devi promised the girl to find a job and work hard in order to impress her father. Her father was willing to take Devi at his home after marriage. Devi was not willing to do that therefore he started a job in a lab. He was talented therefore it was easy for him to get the job.

She was happy that Devi had a job but he left it after some day. Due to that she had an argument with Devi and they got separated. Devi told her that he will now focus on earning money and use it as his Kick. Another person in police came to meet with the girl on insisting of his father. Father of the girl and the father of the police man were thinking that their kids must be married.

They made an arrangement for them to meet with each other so that they can understand each other. They met in a train when the police man came to the city for solving a case as his duty. They met in childhood and were friends at that time then they got separated for studies. However they were not in love with each other. They told their stories to each other and talked about the guy.

That guy was Devi and the lady told his story but the police man knew him as the name of Devil. Devi was now stealing money and the police man was after him in order to arrest him. He was not able to arrest him because of his unique and creative plans for thefts. Father of Devi was also supporting him in his tasks and they were like friends.

His mother was also looking for a girl to get Devi married but her relatives were not interested in Devi as he was not committed to anything for a long time period. She liked the doctor girl for Devi but she was not interested at that time. After some time she fell in love with Devi but he acted to lose his mind by falling from a building.

That was a fake story to impress her and make her believe that he is not remembering the past. Police man understood the noble cause of   Devi in the end and Devi was also appointed as officer in police in order to handle the case of Devil.