Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Words per book needed by readers on Amazon

Many readers on Amazon are looking for books and they have some total number of words per book which they like. You can make a book on the basis of a poll which was conducted to check the thoughts of readers about the total number of words to be included in a book. Check the image for more details. Some options were given to readers on Amazon and they made selection of the words to be included. In this manner you are able to make a new book with the desired number of words for readers. This will help you to complete the needs of readers and get more sales for your books. 

Choice of readers on Amazon

There are many readers on Amazon who are downloading different types of books from time to time. You can check the results of a recent poll which is showing the choices of some readers on Amazon. This will help you to write contents and get more details. Check the image for more details. Some options were given to people on Amazon and they made selection from the options. This selection is showing the interests of people who are reading books on Amazon. By checking these options you can make a better book for readers and get more chances of sales. When you are giving the readers what types of books they want then they will get it and you will have more sales and improved ranking. 

Friday, April 7, 2017

Watts needed by some devices of routine use

26,500 watts   Elec. furnace, 2000sf, cold climate
7941 watts      Elec. furnace, 1000sf, warm climate
1440 watts      Electric space heater (high)
900 watts        Electric space heater (medium)
600 watts        Electric space heater (low)
750 watts        Gas furnace (for the blower)
1100 watts      Waterbed heater
450 watts        Waterbed heater (avg. 10 hrs./day)
3500 watts      Central Air Conditioner (2.5 tons)
1440 watts      Window unit AC, huge
900 watts        Window unit AC, medium
500 watts        Tiny-ass window unit AC
325-425 watts Fan only for central AC (no cooling)
400 watts        Evaporative cooler
350 watts        Whole-house fan
100 watts        Floor or box fan (high speed)
90 watts          52" ceiling fan (high speed)
75 watts          48" ceiling fan (high speed)
55 watts          36" ceiling fan (high speed)
24 watts          42" ceiling fan (low speed)
4400 watts      Clothes dryer (electric)
3800 watts      Water heater (electric)
200-700 watts Refrigerator (compressor)
57-160 watts   Refrigerator (average)
3600 watts      Dishwasher (washer heats water)
2000 watts      Electric oven, 350°F
1178 watts      Electric oven, self-cleaning mode
1200 watts      Dishwasher (dry cycle)
200 watts        Dishwasher (no water heating or drying)
60 watts          60-watt light bulb (incandescent)
18 watts          CFL light bulb (60-watt equivalent)
5          Night light
0.5       LED night light
150-340 watts Desktop Computer & 17" CRT monitor
1-20 watts       Desktop Computer & Monitor (in sleep mode)
90 watts          17" CRT monitor
40 watts          17" LCD monitor
45 watts          Laptop computer
191-474 watts 50-56" Plasma television
210-322 watts 50-56" LCD television
150-206 watts 50-56" DLP television
188-464 watts 42" Plasma television
91-236 watts   42" LCD television
98-156 watts   32" LCD television
55-90 watts     19" CRT television
45 watts          HD cable box (varies by model)
194 watts        PS3
185 watts        Xbox 360
70 watts          Xbox
30 watts          PS2
18 watts          Nintendo Wii (source)
1440 watts      Microwave oven or 4-slot Toaster
900 watts        Coffee maker
800 watts        Range burner
4 watts            Clock radio