Saturday, May 6, 2017

Importance of Clutch in driving

Clutch is a main thing which is used in manual cars for driving. You have to use clutch in order to change gears in your car. You have to use clutch in order to make the car neutral. Make sure to press the clutch slowly and release slowly. If you are pressing and releasing the clutch fast then you will suffer from jerks while driving. You can also start your car by pressing the clutch in order to make sure that the car is neutral. On the other hand you can make the car neutral by removing the gears and then start it through ignition without pressing clutch. Clutch is located on the foot side and you can spare one foot which is left foot for using the clutch. It is not good to keep the foot on clutch all the time. You can press the clutch and release it and take some rest for your foot. If the car is moving with great speed then you can give rest to your clutch foot and use it when the car is moving slowly so that the car can move without getting closed and stuck. Use clutch wisely and you are able to have a good driving experience.